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Full Steemit Ahead!

Steemit is a new sociall media blogging platform based on a crypto-currency blockchain. It pays people to post and interact with each other. We are hoping to use this site as a supplemental income, posting videos and podcasts. Check us out and sign up for yourself, if you are an artist or a writer or a blogger, you too can make some steam on Steemit.


Board Game Geek

We have been working for a while on establishing a presence on the web. Of course, any company wants to get its name out there, and as a games studio we want to make sure people are able to find and play our games. The Board Game Geek is a phenomenal site in the traditional and table top community.


Hey folks, we just wanted to let everyone know that we are now officially on social media! you can find us at the following places by clicking the links below.





In addition to the social media online, we’ve made an Etsy shop! Check it out here.

Full shot of card games

Warlike, Magical Musical Chairs, and of course, Coop Da Chickens!

Close up Photos of the Games"Our Assembly Line"



At long last, the Mages dual it out with fire and ice, casting spells at Archers, but due to their lack of armor they’re vulnerable to sword attacks from the Knights. The Mages complete our set of the Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanics for Warlike, but there is still more to come. This new game also features specialty units which aid in the battles!



Arrows in the Air

Next up on the Warlike chopping block are the Archers! These long distance champions of the air have a knack for picking off Knights, but are susceptible to magic attacks. The Archers can work as a team to take down your opponent’s Generals. The Generals are specialized units which can overpower any unit, but more on that later!

Unleash the Knights

As we have been working on our newest card game Warlike we would like to share a couple of our card designs, starting with the fearsome Knights. One of the main mechanics in Warlike is a Rock-Paper-Scissors style combat system, pitting Knights, Mages, and Archers against each other. The game includes many other aspects of strategy which we will reveal in due time!

“It’s A Bit Like War” – WARLIKE

We’re very excited to present our newest card game, Warlike, which is a “two-handed” strategy game which features battle tactics, bluffing your opponent, and all out war. The game is played by two kings commanding their armies in high tension battles over the course of five days. More information will come in the future, and we are extremely pleased with how it has turned out! Stay tuned.



Launching Forward

The first games are now available on TheGameCrafter with links in our store. Coop da Chickens, both versions of magical musical chairs and the two local artist playing card decks featuring artwork from Zack Zilisch.

Also our 3rd game is still set to be released later this month entitled Warlike. please check out our games on TheGameCrafter and stay tuned for more to come!